Continuous cell lines and primary cells are maintained for in vitro screening of both natural and synthetic compounds for various pharmacological activities.
The following studies are conducted in consultancy basis for research scholars doing Post Graduate, MPhil, and Phd.

  1. Cytotoxicity
  2. Cytocompatibility
  3. Cell proliferation and migration
  4. Screening for anticancer activity
  5. Screening for antidiabetic activitys
  6. Screening for in vitro wound healing activity
  7. DNA fragmentation by COMET assay

The Following are the consultancy work carried out in the department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

  1. Development and validation of analytical methods for multi component drugs in their formulations.
  2. Detection and quantification of food marker compounds in food products.
  3. Pharmacokinetics studies, Bioavailability study of drugs in animal models.
  4. Quantization of phyto constituents in herbal extracts.
  5. Water analysis
  6. Pesticide analysis

We also offer various consultancy services to Academic and Industry in development oral dosage forms. We had also assisted M/S Medidest Lab Hosur in development of oral dosage forms from ayurvedic resources. We also perform various formulation processes for academic students and for ayurvedic consultants.

We provide consultancy services in the following area

  1. Ayurveda & Herbal Products Formulation
  2. Formulation and evaluation of herbal gel
  3. Formulation design of a novel fast-disintegrating tablet.
  4. Quality control test for finished products
  5. Novel herbal formulation
  6. Tablets punching
  7. Nutraceutical products
  8. Novel drug delivery system
  9. Development of anti-arthritic herbal formulation
  10. Investigation of natural polymer for pharmaceutical applications
  11. Development of transdermal patches

The Department of Pharmacognosy provides consultancy services in

We provide consultancy services in the following area

  1. Development of Ayurvedic, Herbal, Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Botanical and Cosmeceutical Products.
  2. Standardization of Herabal Extracts.
  3. Extraction and isolation of Phytoconstituents.

The following consultancy services are offered in the department of Pharmacology for Preclinical In vivo Pharmacology studies using various animal models.

  1. Acute, sub-acute and chronic toxicity studies.
  2. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic activity.
  3. Anti-arthritic activity
  4. Anti-ulcer studies
  5. Hepatoprotective activity
  6. Anti-diabetic and Hypocholestremic activity
  7. Psycho-pharmacological studies
  8. Anti-epileptic activity
  9. Neurodegenerative activity